Die Drei ???
Labyrinth Team Edition

Original design by
Max J. Kobbert

Published by

In a new case for The Three ???, the intrepid trio and a supporter again investigate Victor Hugenay!

Round by round, the players leaf through the book to find out what obstacles he puts in their way. Can they make good use of their skills, to skilfully move the walls and find all the stolen The Three ??? covers in the labyrinth before the last page of the book is flipped over?

A game classic reinterpreted. For many years, the unique game principle of the crazy labyrinth has inspired millions of people. In this cooperative team edition, the players now play together as The Three ??? against the art thief Victor Hugenay who has struck again. In search of the stolen cover illustrations, the players roam the labyrinth together as play as Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw, Bob Andrews and a supporting investigator.

Only if the friends work well together will they be able to find all the covers before Victor Hugenay can run away with them. In this family game, fans of the radio plays and books will need good nerves, because excitement until the last minute of the game is guaranteed.